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English in a Flash

Interested in creative writing? Would you like to write in English, also to practise your language skills? Do you enjoy discovering new authors and talking about their work? On this course you will be introduced to one of the most popular contemporary literary genres: the short-short. You will read writers who know how to use minimal word counts to suggest far bigger stories. Learn from their craft and compose your own very short texts in English.

You can read examples of short-short texts at http://suddenprose.blogspot.com/ and http://brevitymag.com

By the end of the course you will

  • become familiar with contemporary English-language writers who work with the short-short forms
  • increase your linguistic awareness as a reader of literary texts
  • learn to incorporate the lessons of reading into your own writing
  • expand your repertoire of writing techniques and strategies
  • gain experience in giving and taking constructive criticism
  • improve your reading, writing and speaking skills in English


This course is a series of workshops where you will read like a writer and discuss selected micro-fiction, brief nonfiction and prose poems. You will write your own texts and comment on your peers’ writing. You will assemble a portfolio which will document your progress throughout the course.


The general admission requirement is an upper secondary (high) school education, with an A level in English. If you have any questions about the course or the admission requirements, please contact Åbent Universitet.

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